Episode 49: Computational Neuroscience, Quantitative Finance, and Churn Prediction with Carl Gold

Episode Summary

Carl Gold, the Chief Data Scientist at Zuora, has a Ph.D. from the California Institute of Technology and first-author publications in leading Machine Learning and Neuroscience journals. Before coming to Zuora, he spent most of his post-academic career as a quantitative analyst on Wall Street. Now a data scientist, Carl has written a book about using insights from data to reduce customer churn, to be released in December 2020 entitled "Fighting Churn With Data."

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Key Takeaways

Below are highlights from my conversation with Carl:

On Studying Electrical Engineering at Stanford

On Pursuing a Ph.D. in Computational Neuroscience at CalTech

On Transitioning Into Quantitative Finance

On Valuable Lessons Learned at Wall Street

On Transitioning Into Data Science

On Subscription Business Model

On Key Trends In The Subscription Economy

On The Difficulties of Fighting Churn

On Creating Great Customer Metrics

On Writing "Fighting Churn With Data"

On The Benefits Of An Academic Background