Episode 52: Graph Databases In Action with Dave Bechberger

Episode Summary

Dave Bechberger is known for his expertise in distributed data architecture and being a Graph Database Subject Matter Expert.  He is known for his pragmatic approach to data architectures and for implementing large-scale distributed data architectures for big data analysis and data science workflows using various SQL and NoSQL data technologies. He is the author of "Graph Database in Action" by Manning publications and has spoken both nationally and internationally at conferences on subjects related to distributed data and graph databases. Dave spent 20+ years developing, managing, and consulting on software projects and is currently a member of the Amazon Neptune service team. He works with both customers and engineering teams to simplify and speed the adoption of graph technologies.

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Here are the highlights from my conversation with Dave:

On Being A Tech Lead at Expero

On Being The Chief Software Architect at Gene by Gene

On Common Patterns of Using Graph Databases

On The 3 Buckets of Graph Technologies

On Being A Solutions Architect at DataStax

On Being A Senior Graph Architect at AWS

On Writing “Graph Databases In Action

On Big Data and Distributed Systems Trends