Episode 37: Machine Learning In Production with Luigi Patruno

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Luigi Patruno is a Data Scientist and the Founder of He's currently the Director of Data Science at 2U, where he leads a team of data scientists and ML engineers in developing machine learning models and infrastructure to predict student success outcomes. Luigi founded to educate data scientists, ML engineers, and ML product managers about best practices for running machine learning systems in production. As a consultant for Fortune 500s and start-ups, Luigi helps companies utilize data science to create competitive advantages. He has taught graduate-level courses in Statistics and Big Data Engineering and holds a Masters in Computer Science and a BS in Mathematics.

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A New Course From Luigi

Luigi just launched his first online course, Build, Deploy, and Monitor Machine Learning Models with Amazon SageMaker! I had a look at the course content, and I’m convinced that the course will be super valuable to any ML engineer or data scientist who wants to level up and learn how to productionize their machine learning models.

You can take the course on your own, but Luigi is also teaming up with TWiML to offer a version with virtual Study Group sessions for people who want a more interactive experience. Right now, Luigi is offering an early bird discount on the course until August 1st!

I know the course will be precious for a lot of you within my community, so Luigi created a coupon code DATACAST to save an additional 10% off the course!

Head over to the Teachable course page to learn more about AmazonSageMaker and take advantage of the discount!